"When you feel lost, ask for guidance, and that's what I did. The coaching process doesn’t solve your problems, but gives you ways to solve it. A self-analysis fits perfectly. Denise helped me to identify blank spots that existed in my professional and personal life. Our busy daily life often makes us think we have no time but with flexible hours and methods, there is no longer the excuse to stay in our comfort zone. The process with her was extremely satisfying. Great professional: direct, dynamic and competent."


Marketing Manager

"My professional satisfaction and my quality of life have improved noticeably through the coaching process, and after our sessions, I feel prepared to use all the tools available to deal with any barrier presented to me. My personal relationships have deepened in such a way that today I can say that I feel really connected and happy! I am thankful for the opportunity and recommend her services to all who consider investing in this wonderful process."


Operations Manager

"In a few sessions, I was able to see the broad scope and results that can be obtained with this activity. I would like to state that I was surprised with the format and contents of the process and it will certainly be very useful in this new phase of my life."


TI Executive

"Coaching is helping me look at fundamental things in life that I often don’t realize how important they are due to the daily rush, nor do I realize, for example, the need for balance in the wheel of life, the power of words and energy. The process of coaching makes people get out of the automatic and be more aware of the importance of every action, every gesture and every thought."


Communication Executive

"Denise is a fine coach, sweet, patient, strong and determined. Excellent as a conductor of a process, she has more than knowledge and experience, she has energy and action. I fully trust her services and guidance. My new project IDEAA is the result of this process."


Director of IDDEA Institute

"I was able to see obstacles as opportunities, being able to clearly see a world of infinite possibilities. Denise is a great professional who made me discover great things in my life in such a subtle way that exceeded my expectations."



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