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What does coaching mean?

Coaching is a partnership focused on the achievement of your goals and desires.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process of behavioral development, based on actions to develop and enhance your own abilities to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Coaching benefits include: helping clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life; enhancing leadership skills and decision making; fostering effectiveness in interpersonal communication and increased confidence, therefore, unlocking their potential. Those who commit to coaching can also expect to reach increased productivity, balance and satisfaction in life and work, and achieve important goals in today's uncertain and complex environment.

Coach is the professional who conducts the coaching process, providing the client or coachee with tools, knowledge and opportunities to expand and, mainly, act towards their goals.


Coachee is the individual who goes through the coaching process. Clients are specialists in their lives and work, complete and creative beings who have all the resources to achieve their goals and improve their outlook on work and life.


Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is suitable for anyone at any age or profession who wants to define and achieve their goals, maximize their performance and enhance their personal achievements.

Professional Coaching 

It aims at enabling executives and professionals to develop and enhance their personal and leadership performance and excellence.

Personal Coaching 

This human development process helps people improve their work and life outlook and achieve their personal goals.

Business Coaching 

It aims at analyzing business information and understanding objectives and goals to customize the process and help companies find efficient ways to achieve your goals.


Customize your experience.

Our coaching approach encompasses the knowledge and experience in coaching, business, marketing and training.

The innovative methodology promotes the analysis of the situation of clients, teams and businesses, identifying points that, if improved, will bring great benefits.


A better understanding of the objectives and goals allows the process customization, at the same time, this serves as support for clients to identify and achieve the desired results.


The identification of points that deserve innovation allows the creation of new actions and habits aiming at bringing benefits both personally and professionally, as well as in company results.


The constant search for innovation maximize the processes of human and corporate development, generating a better balance between life and work, high performance, increased revenue and return on investment.



People who have transformed their lives after the coaching process give their opinion about the experience:

"Coaching is very useful to go through moments of transformation and search for self-knowledge. I found the methodology valuable and the tools applied very important to access feelings, desires and needs. The coach captures the points that needed to be worked at and the tools translate it into a clear language. "

JD, Business Consultant

"During the sessions I had the opportunity to better understand my needs related to my personal, family and professional life. Some of them made me reflect instantly and try to correlate them with my daily life... Coaching is an ideal tool for breaking the barriers that sometimes the person doesn’t see, but they exist and these barriers are what block their growth as a person."

C.A, Finance Executive

"I was pleased to have Denise Barbezani's coaching support recently, an excellent professional who conducted the process in a careful and extremely efficient manner. Denise respects the needs of clients and directs the coaching process in a masterful way, this conversation process strengthens and develops the customer in an undeniable way. "

F.G, Senior Consultant

Who is Denise Barbezani?

"My experience in coaching, business, marketing and training brings together the knowledge needed to deliver results." 

Applying coaching to my practice stems from the constant search for growth and the belief that we can always develop our best.


I have effectively applied the coaching process so that people can make their own better decisions by holding them accountable to their goals and commitments. I have created high impact while coaching executives to reach high performance in leadership roles improving and getting results in ways that are sustainable over time. I have supported companies navigate their way to a successful launch of a business or product. 



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