4 Steps for Feedback Sandwich

Denise Barbezani and Débora Barbezani de Arruda

After the recent post "5 Steps for Effective Feedback" , please check out the 4 Steps for Feedback Sandwich created in response to requests.

Rhandy Di Stéfano states in his book "The Leader-Coach" that "It is regrettable that feedback is one of the most misunderstood tools in the business world." And he also mentions the outcome of Hargove's studies: "A person who has defined performance goals or behavior when receiving constant feedback increases results by 125%."

Effective feedback is the ability to inform something that helps someone notice what works and what doesn’t work in their actions. So, the constructive criticism applied with respect can positively impact the action of employees.

The famous Feedback Sandwich is one of the ways to help people development. Basically, don’t scold nor raise only negative points, but add constructive criticisms between positive aspects of their performance.

Why is it called Feedback Sandwich?

The same way it happens when you make a sandwich with bread, filling and bread again, the feedback sandwich includes good points and tips for the person to improve in between.

The first thing that someone who will give feedback needs to do is stop, and think about how they will proceed.

Avoid scolding when you are nervous. Only after you calm down, forget about scolding and get ready to make a learning conversation.

Get Ready to Give Feedback Sandwich

It is important to know in advance what you are going to say at the feedback meeting. Remember to choose an appropriate location for you and the employee to talk calmly. Following the simple guidelines - positive - negative - positive can help you.

4 Feedback Sandwich Steps

1. Positive: Highlight the positive points first and give examples:

- We got good results with your project last week. Congratulations on the quality of the data presented.

2. Positive: Mention the second point at which actions are bringing the expected results and give examples:

- In addition, you have met delivery deadlines, something that you strive to do frequently.

3. Negative: Reflect on a positive and respectful way to deal with an action that didn’t generate the desired outcome. Give clear examples:

"Yet, I see gaps between our area and the others when there is in interdepartmental project. Yesterday, we missed a client delivery due to a misunderstandings. How do you see this? / Do you have any suggestions to improve it? / How can I help you improve these projects?

- The idea of ​​interacting more with the other areas to validate their participation seems a good solution. How do you plan to accomplish this? Is there anything I can do to help you?

4. Positive: Close the meeting positively, create a plan and follow up.

- I believe your flexibility will help you carry out more productive projects with the other areas. How about creating a plan for that? Shall we schedule a follow-up meeting?

I suggest you create your way of giving constant feedback. Turn feedback a part of your natural leadership style.

Keep in mind that Feedback is a two-way street. Get ready to listen. Be ready to understand what the employee is communicating. Be open to the fact that, perhaps, you also need to make changes. Are you ready for this?

Denise Barbezani is Associate Certified Coach - ACC/ICF at the International Coach Federation. And certified in executive and personal coaching at ICI - Integrated Coaching Institute. She holds an MBA in marketing by one of the most important marketing institutions in Brazil, ESPM. She has 10 years of experience in multinational technology companies. Fluent in English, she holds a Proficiency Certificate from Cambridge University - CPE and a Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese and English as well as a translation degree from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. She strengthened her entrepreneurship skills at Empretec Training, a UN methodology. Denise has already provided more than 500 hours of coaching and offers her services to more than 50 clients in Brazil and in the world through online sessions. As a coach, she helps people define and achieve their professional, life, and business goals. Today she lives near London, UK, with her family.

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