Do you search for Excellence or Perfection in your professional and personal life?

Denise Barbezani and Nelson Esquivel

“Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.” - Harriet Breaker

Do you pursue a life of Excellence or do you need to be perfect?

Before answering this question, let's define Excellence as "far superior quality; search for continuous improvement"; Perfection will be defined as "without defects, without failures, absolute correction, the highest degree of accuracy; excess of care, of meticulousness demonstrated in the accomplishment of something. Something or someone who doesn’t make mistakes and has no defects."

What is the basic difference between Excellence and Perfection, according to the definitions above?

Besides the fact that the very definition of perfection is longer and tiring, in general, excellence is possible to be achieved and can bring great satisfaction and motivation; perfection is impossible to be achieved and brings frustration, weariness and demoralization.

"Improving the daily work is even more important than doing the daily work." This idea is from the book "The Phoenix Project", by Gene Kim. Paraphrasing Mike Rother, author mentioned in this book, it doesn’t matter what you improve, as long as you improve something. Why? Because if you don’t improve, the tendency to change and clutter will ensure that you get worse. It is impossible not to make mistakes.

Seeking excellence is a process of learning and development. In addition, we can also observe and learn from successes and failures of others, follow what works best and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

How can we live with Excellence?

The key point is balance. As in high performance Formula 1 races, the difference lies in knowing when to accelerate or slow down. And it doesn’t matter what gets better, as long as something improves every day.

Considering the ideals exposed above and making a parallel with our lives: Those who live with excellence achieve high performance giving 100%. Those who are perfectionist workaholic gives 110% or more. Changing the paradigm over a long period can wear you down and even lead to more serious problems such as burnout syndrome.

If you consider yourself a perfectionist, we invite you to abandon the frustration of the end of the day and start pursuing excellence. The perception that every day is a little better, can make you feel more satisfied.

Try a new way of looking at life and work. We invite you to look from above, to fly over the situations. In order to improve every day, try new ways of thinking and living. Create new perspectives.

We already know that balance in life and at work provides better results and more satisfaction. Let's create a little more balance today than yesterday? It's possible.

Denise Barbezani is a perfectionist in recovery and repeats every day "Just for today I will not be a perfectionist. I will stop pursuing perfection, which only brings me frustration, and will seek excellence; I will be better every day - what makes me happy and satisfied." Denise is Associate Certified Coach - ACC/ICF at the International Coach Federation. And certified in executive and personal coaching at ICI - Integrated Coaching Institute. She holds an MBA in marketing by one of the most important marketing institutions in Brazil, ESPM. She has 10 years of experience in multinational technology companies. Fluent in English, she holds a Proficiency Certificate from Cambridge University - CPE and a Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese and English as well as a translation degree from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. She strengthened her entrepreneurship skills at Empretec Training, a UN methodology. Denise has already provided more than 500 hours of coaching and offers her services to more than 50 clients in Brazil and in the world through online sessions. As a coach, she helps people define and achieve their professional, life, and business goals. Today she lives near London, UK, with her family.

Nelson Esquivel has more than 24 years of experience in IT, most of which is dedicated to consulting projects. He worked as an "Evangelist" for new technologies, such as Business Service Management (BSM) for internal and external customers. He has extensive experience in financial justification of IT projects: ROI and TCO analysis, IRR calculation, creation and justification of Business Case. Specialist in ITSM and its implementation, participated in more than 20 projects, including some abroad in places such as Germany, USA, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and UK among others. Nelson lives in England with his family and has been a Formula 1 fan for more than 35 years.

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